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Get internet access

You can get access to the internet in your home, or you can visit the libraries, internet cafes or regular cafes in Copenhagen.

Internet at home

If you want access to the internet at home, you must contact a service provider. Some homes already have internet access, so check this before you order an internet connection.

There are many internet service providers, and you should find one that best suits your needs. Typically you have to pay a setup fee and a monthly charge.

For information about internet prices and terms, go to the internet provider’s websites.

When you purchase an internet connection from a service provider, they will send you a box for you to install in your home. It will often be possible to have wireless internet. Ask the service provider about their options.

When you have access to the internet, you must pay a “medielicens”

It is compulsory to pay for a “medialicens” (media licence) if you have a TV, radio or computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access. By paying for a “medielicens” you are entitled to see and use all the content produced by DR (Danmarks Radio or the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) – whether it’s broadcasted TV, other online content or radio.

Even if you don’t watch any of DR’s programmes, you still have to pay for the licence, because you are able to when you are online.

Read more about the “medielicens” here

Public internet access

The many libraries and cultural centres in Copenhagen have free Wi-Fi. You can also get free Wi-Fi in many cafes around Copenhagen.

Libraries and cultural centres

There are many libraries in Copenhagen, all of which offer free Wi-Fi. Most libraries also have computers that you can use free of charge. Usually, you have to book an appointment first, and you have to be registered as a user in the library’s system.

See more about the libraries at Leisure and culture. You will normally find free Wi-Fi in those cultural centres with a cafe as well.

In the guide in the PDF below you can find information about libraries and cultural centres in Copenhagen. You will also find a map showing the libraries in Copenhagen below.

Cafes and restaurants

It is down to the individual cafe or restaurant whether they have free Wi-Fi, so you have to ask around. Often you need to ask for a code for the Wi-Fi at the counter, in the bar or from the waiter.

You can also find internet cafes in Copenhagen, but generally the use of internet will not be free.