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Get a Danish drivers licence

If you do not already have a foreign driver’s license, you can get a driver's license at a driving school.

There are many driving schools in Copenhagen where you can obtain a driver's license. There are some regulatory requirements to the training you need. A course consists of driving theory lessons and a theory test you must pass, and driving lessons and a driving test you must pass.

Several driving schools in Copenhagen offer courses in English. It costs about DKK 10,000 to obtain a driver's license in Denmark.

Your driver's license for category A+B is valid for 15 years, while the driver’s license for category C+D and the commercial license is valid for 5 years if it was issued after 19 January 2013.

If your driver's license was issued before that date, it will be valid until the day you turn 70 years. Category C+D will usually be valid up until the day you turn 50 years.