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Get counselling - take a course

When you have registered your business at you are ready to start doing business. We have courses that help you

You will need counselling in order to know all the rules and regulations but also to have better chances to grow your business.

One to one counselling

At Business House Copenhagen you can book a one hour meeting with an advisor and discuss your specific business issues more thoroughly. If you want to see our profile, you can do so here:

We can advise different types of business in different branches such as restauration, IT, Creative, Import/Export and counselling.

Please write a thorough description of yourself and your business idea and attach documents that would help give a full description of your business.

These are the courses you can attend:

Speed Counselling

If you already have been introduced or know the basics of entrepreneurship and have some special challenges in running your own business this will be an good opportunity in getting quick answers from our experts/counsellors. Speed counselling happens once a week on the same day as the Start Here-event. You can write yourself on our location for a 20 minute free counselling with a specialist lawyer, accountant or even a business psychologist.
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Courses in danish

We have lots of courses in Danish for operating businesses. Besides our intro courses in English, we do not yet have advanced courses in English. However, keep an eye on our website for updates.
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