Fight against discrimination – Copenhagen is for everybody

The City of Copenhagen is working actively to fight hate crimes and discrimination.

Copenhagen is a city for everybody. As a part of a multifaceted communications strategy, the campaign Stemplet spread its message to Copenhagen audiences via television screens integrated in public transportation units, forum theater performances, night life happenings, viral videos, elaborate online communication etc. Translated into English ‘Stemplet’ signifies ‘stigmatized’ or ‘labeled’. 

In 2015 Stemplet is working on the following efforts to prevent discrimination and hate crimes:

Stemplet – an app to report discrimination

An anonymous app where people are encouraged to report discriminatory incidents in order to reveal the proportions of “dark figures” hiding behind the previously blank report sheets in the hands of legislators and police authority.  The app is a tool for the City of Copenhagen to understand how widespread discrimination is and where and which groups are most likely to be targeted. For instance, if a specific area receives a high volume of reports, authorities and city planners can take a closer look on the information and come up with ideas to reduce discriminating behavior. For example, the area may need better lighting for residents to feel safer or certain bars may need to change their politics in the door.

Download the app here: for iPhone and for Android.

Youth agents at Vocational Schools

Over a two-year period, The City of Copenhagen is training 40 students from Vocational Schools as youth agents with a specialized knowledge on discrimination. With knowledge about discrimination and ways to react to incidents of discrimination, they will be able to guide their fellow students when and if they feel discriminated or have questions regarding discrimination. The goal is to improve the well-being of the students and prevent discrimination.

Stemplet – activities at lower secondary schools and upper secondary schools

A range of activities aimed at 3000 pupils in Copenhagen. The catalogue is packed with workshops about power relations and how one can change the power structure in one’s life, Human Library – Don’t judge a book by its cover, democratic theater - with possibilities to interact and take part and many more. The many different activities all have the common purpose to make students and teachers aware of and reflect on prejudices and discrimination. See more here: