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Driving in Copenhagen

You can drive in Copenhagen using your own car or by renting one.

Register your car in Denmark

When you bring your own car with you when you move to Denmark, you need to register it with the Danish Tax Agency within 30 days. 

If you live in Copenhagen, you need to contact the Danish Tax Agency's Motorcentre Høje Taastrup to register your vehicle. 

Contact Motorcentre Høje Taastrup

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Buying a car in Denmark

You are allowed to buy a car in Denmark even if you don't have a CPR number.

However, you need a CPR number to register your vehicle with the Danish Tax Agency before you can drive your car in Denmark. 

Car rental and carsharing 

You need a valid driver's licence to rent a car in Denmark. It can be a Danish driver's licence or an international driver's licence. 

There are various options for renting a car in Copenhagen:


You can conveniently pick up and drop off cars at designated areas in Copenhagen using the following carsharing options: 

Car rental

You can also choose to rent a car from the following car rentals: