Do I receive salary if I get ill?

In some cases you receive pay during illness. This depends on you employment, collective agreements and how long time you are ill.

If you are a salaried employee, you will be paid during illness. Learn more about funktionærloven at What is 'funktionærloven' (Act on Salaried Employees)?

If you are not a salaried employee, it depends on your employment and your contract whether you get paid during illness.

You might be able to continue being paid for a while, but you might also lose your right to pay and have to apply for sickness benefits instead – this depends on your working conditions and collective agreements.

If you meet the employment requirements, you will usually receive your salary from your employer for the first 30 days of your absence.

Sickness benefits (sygedagpenge)

Your sickness benefits are paid out by The City of Copenhagen. If you get ill for a longer time, and you cannot get pay, it is your employer who contacts the municipality, so they can pay you sickness benefits.

If your illness is related to pregnancy, you employer should contact Udbetaling Danmark. See How do I get sick leave from work while pregnant?

Form from the job centre

When you sign off sick, you have to fill in a form from the job centre. You get the form, when you have signed off sick with your employer. If you are unemployed, you have to sign off sick with your job centre and your unemployment fund.

Learn more about the job centre at Unemployed.

Trade union

Your trade union can help you figure out the rules that apply to you if you are ill.

Read more about trade unions at What is a trade union (fagforening)?