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Danish tax and VAT

When you run a registered business, you have to make annual accounts and report VAT every quarter.

VAT registered companies have to submit their VAT accounting to the tax office while limited companies are also required submit their annual report to the Danish Business Authority.


VAT or moms in Danish is an indirect tax that you collect from your customers and send to the tax office. As a VAT registered company, you can also receive VAT (25%) from the stuff that you pay for your company that have VAT on the invoice.

If you have a turnover of less than DKK 50,000 in 12 months, you do not need to be a registered VAT company and get a CVR number. You can bill your customers for your services based on your CPR number.

Some branches are not VAT registered but “lønsumsafgift” registered if they are in the health, person transport, finance and association category.
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Own business

The tax office has an extended guide and information on operating a company in Denmark. You can find plenty of information on their website and also contact them for more specific tax or customs related info.

They also have an information meeting but that is only in Danish. You can read about

Registering a business, tax return, business taxation scheme, bookkeeping, deductions, invoicing, etc at the Danish Tax Agency
Register at the Danish Tax Agency

Foreign labour

General rules on employing foreign labour and tax

Tax calendar for businesses

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Contact the Danish Tax Agency

The tax office and the Customs Office operate under the same organisation (TOLD). You can contact them if you have questions regarding your personal or business tax or customs issues.

Contact the Danish Tax Agency