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Danish Language Education Programme

If you are a foreign citizen and have moved to Copenhagen as an adult, then in most cases you are eligible for a Danish Language Education.

How do you get a Danish Language Education?

In order to sign up for a Danish Language Education, you need to contact a Language Education Center yourself. You are free to choose between the centres, and the Language Education Centres in Copenhagen are listed at the bottom of this page.

This applies to you, who are:

  • in employment;
  • studying;
  • an accompanying spouse;
  • a cross-border commuter from another EU/EEC country; or
  • an au pair

If you have any questions concerning referrals, education, participation fees or the voucher system, please contact the Language Education Center of your choice.

Danish Language Education as a part of the integration process

If, on the other hand, you have arrived in Copenhagen as a refugee, as a result of family reunification arriving from a country outside of EU/EEC or Switzerland, or if you are self-sufficient under an integration programme, you do not need to contact a Language Education Center yourself. You will automatically be offered Danish Language Education as a part of your integration process. Read more about your options here (in Danish).

Referral to Danish Language Education

If you are a self-supporting citizen (a foreign employee, student or similar) and are referred for the first time to Danish Language Education in or after January 2018, you are eligible for education in up to 3.5 years within a 5-year period.

The 5-year period will start on the date of your first referral to Danish Language Education. If you have moved to Copenhagen from abroad after 1 October 2017, and this is your first time with a registered address in the City of Copenhagen, you will have already received a referral letter from the City, which starts off your education period – whether or not you choose to take up the offer. Once you receive your referral letter, you have 30 days to contact a Language Education Center.

Modular system (the voucher system)

Starting 1 January 2018, a new voucher system applies to the Danish Language Education. The vouchers gives you a total of six entries into the Danish Language Education.

The Danish Language Education consists of six moduls, irrespective of the level, and you will therefore as a basis have one entry per module to complete the education.

Any course-taker, who is placed at a higher level than module 1 at the start of their Danish Language Education, will only receive an amount of vouchers similar to the remaining modules of the Danish Language Education.

Course-takers, who have already started a Danish Language Education by 1 January 2018, will only be covered by the voucher system, when they are referred to a new module.