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Read about how the situation affects cultural and leisure activities in Copenhagen.

Last updated March 1st at 12:55

All indoor culture and leisure facilities are closed

All of the City’s indoor facilities and other indoor areas where sports, associations, evening schools and leisure activities are carried out is currently closed to the public. The shutdown will currently last until April 5th 2021.

The shutdown applies to all of the City of Copenhagen’s culture houses, libraries, sports facilities, swimming pools, association rooms, school halls etc.

It is not only the City’s facilities which will be closed but also April 5th 2021 but all indoor cultural institutions will be closed to the public until then. This applies to theatres, concert and music halls, museums, art halls, cinemas, evening schools, libraires, day high schools, training centres as well as music and culture schools.


Copenhagen libraries are all closed until April 5th 2021. If you have borrowed books or other materials at the library, then all deadlines will be extended until April 19th 2021. No fees will be charged during the period until April 5th 2021.  

In order to support the City's students and researchers, Copenhagen's libraries will be open up borrowing and returning of reserved materials. Please be advised that this only applies for educational and reasearch purposes. The offer can only be utilized by students and researcher for educational or research pruposes, and only applies to the borrowing and returning of reserved materials with a time reservation.

For swimming pools 

All the City of Copenhagen's swimming pools are closed. 
They will remain closed until April 5th 2021.

Culture houses

All culture houses in Copenhagen are closed.
They will remain closed until April 5th 2021.


Thorvaldsens Musuem, Nikolaj Kunsthal and The Musuem of Copenhagen are all closed.
They will remain closed until April 5th 2021.

The outdoor cultural institutions

Outdoor cultural institutions, e.g. Zoo, will be able to reopen. However, it will be a requirement that visitors are able to show documentation for a negative COVID-19 test, which is no more than 72 hours old. You will have to control the information at the individual places/institutions’ own websites, in order to get the newest information, opening hours and guidelines.

The outdoor association activities

The assembly ban has been lifted from 5 to 25 people but only for organized sport and association activities.

This means, that it only applies to sport and association activities, which has been arranged by public authorities, organizations, associations, firms, and cultural institutions.

This therefore doesn’t apply to privately arranged activities or activities arranged via social media or something similar, e.g. online running communities, if these are not arranged by a public authority, organization, association, firm, or cultural institution.

The assembly ban of 5 people continues to apply for privately arranged sports and association activities.

You can read more about all of this at the site with information for associations.

Elite sports

The assembly ban of 25 people does not apply to elite sports. Professional athletes may continue to use indoor facilties for training and matches. Indoor sporting events cannot be held. 

Manned playgrounds open 8-16

The City's manned playgrounds are open with reduced staffing and no activities will be arranged. You sadly cannot loan toys, bicycles etc.


You can use all the vinteropen unmanned restrooms across the city. The usual opening hours apply. This also includes the three restrooms at Rådhuspladsen, Nyhavn and Israels Plads, but the other manned toilets will be closed. All toilets continues to be cleaned more often.

One direction walking at Sortedams Sø and Peblinge Sø as well as Christianshavns Vold

Once again it will be required that everyone walks in the same direction at inner lakes: Sortedams Sø and Peblinge Sø as well as Christianshavns Vold along the path at Stadsgraven. The walking direction will be clockwise at the lakes and at Christianshavns Vold the walking direction is from Torvegade down to Langebro.

Follow along when something is reopened or shutdown

We update our sites as soon as anything new happens, but if you are looking for news about initiatives or recommendations, or if you are seeking advice, you can use the website It is the website shared by the Danish authorities with information and guidance on COVID-19.
Here you can se where regional or local initiatives apply.

Read more about how COVID-19

The City of Copenhagen has a shared website with the offers and services, which is currently affected, or which have totally changed due to the current situation and restrictions. If you have any question concerning the City of Copenhagen then please see