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Culture, leisure and activities in the city

Read about how the situation affects cultural and leisure activities in Copenhagen.

Last updated 7th April at 14.09

  • All cultural houses and museums will be closed until 10th May 2020
  • All swimming pools will be closed until 10th May 2020
  • All libraries will be closed until 10th May 2020

Supervised playgrounds

You can still use the outdoor playgrounds. The indoor facilities are closed, and the childcare staff are not on duty. The animals at Bonderen, By Oasen and Karens Minde are looked after as usual, but children and adults do not have access to see the animals.

Sports facilities

All indoor sports facilities are closed until 10th May 2020.

Outdoor sports facilities will not be in service. Keep a distance to other people and never gather more than 10 people – preferably fewer.

One-way pedestrian traffic around the lakes

At the request of the Copenhagen Police, pedestrian traffic around the lakes is limited to one-way to reduce the risk of infection.

Please follow the signs posted.

Ball cages and enclosed facilities are closed

All ball cages and enclosed sports facilities in the city are closed. Health authorities have recommended closing ball cages because the risk of infecting each other is high when moving around close to each other.

Outdoor fitness equipment

We shut down the outdoor fitness areas where we believe that the requirements to keep distance cannot be met. This applies to both where the training equipment is closely located or too many people gather around them. The closure is in accordance with guidance from the health authorities.

Initially it was decided to close off the following locations:

  • Fredens Park by Sortedam Syd
  • Fælledparken opposite Trafiklegepladsen
  • Den grønne cykelrute next to Hans Egedesgade
  • Amager Strandpark by the entrance at Øresundsvej
  • Grøndalsparken, west of Jernbane Allé
  • Damhusengen, Rødovresiden
  • Utterslev Mose, Pilesvinget 5
  • Husumparken, Nordrupvej
  • Grøndal Multicenter, Hvidkildevej
  • Valby Idrætspark, Julius Andersens Vej 1
  • Sundby Idrætspark, Englandsvej 61
  • Genforeningspladsen

Tourist information

Tourist information is closed for face-to-face interaction until 10th May 2020. Phone calls and emails will be answered.