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Culture, leisure and activities in the city

Read about how the situation affects cultural and leisure activities in Copenhagen.

Last updated 14th September at 09:25

Copenhagen's culture and leisure facilties are, as a rule, open and can be used again. This also applies to the facilties at schools as well. 

HOWEVER: The coronavirus is still among us.

Therefore, we will still need to adhere to the same guidelines we had before the summerbreak:

  • Good handhygeine 
  • Cleaning of contact surfaces
  • Adhering to the distance requirement 
  • If the distance requirement cannot be upheld, then activities will have to be planned accordingly  

Only be adhering to this will it be possible to return to the way things were before and have a complete reopening.

Sport facilities

Access to the muncipality's sports facilities is possible again. We recommend that you get information concerning specific sports facilities on their individual websites, since the reopening and rules may vary from facility to facility. 

Before you can find information for assocations here. That information has now been moved to a seperate article, which you can access in the right corner or by clicking here. 

The guidelines for the facilities are as follows:

  • All rooms will be equipped with information on the max. number of participants including audience.
  • Some rooms can be divided into section to accommodate more activities, however never more that 1 person per 4 square meters.
  • The changing rooms and bathing facilities can be used, if the team/association make sure to clean contact surfaces after use.
  • There will be limit to the number of people allowed into the changing rooms and bathing facilities.
  • We encourage people to change at home.
  • You are allowed to be in the foyer, but we gnerally do encourage people to limit their time at the facilities as much as possible.
  • At the schools' facilities extra care and attention should be observed, whilst there are still students at the school.

The following applies for indoor swimming pools and lidos:

  • Personal washing and hygiene must be undertaken before use
  • There will be a limit to persons allowed into the changing rooms and bathing facilities
  • Signs/markings will be set up in the changing rooms and bathing facilities to ensure that distance and capacity requirements are upheld
  • The facility must be exited without bathing
  • Users musts clean areas of contact after each use

We recommend that you find more information at the websites for the individual swimming pools and lidos.

Culture houses

The culture houses are open. You may use the workshops and meeting rooms in every culture houses. Because the culture houses are so diverse in both their facilities and options, one must get information about exactly, which activities are open, on the culture houses' own websites.

The culture houses will of course be following the authorities’ guidelines, so that everyone can feel and move safely. This means, that at first only will be free access to the individual culture house's café. All other activities in the culture houses must be planned in advance with the center’s staff.

Contact persons in the boroughs

Kultur Ø (Culture Ø): Alexander Lehmann,

Kultur S (Culture S): Thomas Bøgh,

Kultur V (Culture V): Mikkel Simonsen,

Kultur N (Culture N): Besar Rakipi,

Grøndal MultiCenter: Nete Kruuse Mikkelsen,

Agreement on the reopening and The Ministry of Culture’s guidelines

On the 6th of June the government and all the political parties in parliament reached an agreement on a further reopening of the sporting and association life in Denmark, which will happen as a part of the phase 3 reopening. The agreement, amongst other things, makes it clear that every political party agree that the indoor sports and association life, who has not already started reopening, should reopen from the 8th of June, as well as reopen spaces where sports and leisure activities are being conducted, including arcades, play- and waterparks, indoor swimming pools and gyms. Read the entire agreement for the reopening of the indoor sports and association life here.

The Ministry of Culture’s guidelines are published on The Ministry of Culture’s website. Get all the published guidelines concerning The Ministry of Culture’s area here.


Thorvaldsen's Museum, Nikolaj Kunsthal and the Museum of Copenhagen will be open from the 26th May. To make sure that the authorities' guidelines are being adhered to, and to ensure that it is safe to visit the museums, there will be a limit to the number of visitors. Get more information on the museum's websites, where it is also possible to purchase tickets online.

Splash pads and waterpark

The waterpark in Fælledparken and the city's 7 splash pads will not be filled with water this summer. The risk of infection is too high because there is not chlorine in the water like there is in swimming pools. Because the splash pads and the waterpark does not have the technical solution to use chlorine the will unfortunately not be open this summer.


Copenhagen's libraries are open, there are however certain restrictions: Copenhagen's libraries have reopened - See how. (in Danish)

One-way pedestrian traffic around the lakes

At the request of the Copenhagen Police, pedestrian traffic around the lakes is limited to one-way to reduce the risk of infection.

Please follow the signs posted.

Tourist information

The tourist information is open.

The City of Copenhagen follows the Government’s guidelines on subsidy supported music venues and music associations during COVID-19

It is now possible for recipients of project subsidies to keep these funds, even though the planned activities for which they received these subsidies cannot take place because of COVID-19. This applies for ssupport received by The City of Copenhagen in the period of the 12th March to 31st August 2020. And from Statens Kunstfond from the 9th March to the 8th June 2020. The documentation requirements, which the beneficiaries must adhere to, can be seen in “Bekendtgørelse om midlertidig ændret tilskudsudbetaling fra Statens Kunstfond” (in Danish). It can be read here: