Culture, leisure and activities in the city

Read about how the situation affects cultural and leisure activities in Copenhagen.

Last updated May 7th at 11:40

The indoor assembly ban has been raised to 25 people.
The outdoor assembly ban has been raised to 75 people.
However, the recommendation is still for people to limit their social contact.
All other restrictions still apply.

The following still apply, however, please be advised that these are subject to change:

Indoor culture and leisure facilities

Indoor sports have been reopened for people over 18 years old with a corona pass and must follow the indoor assembly limit.
However, for people between 18 and 70 this does not apply to contact sports, whilst all sporting activities for children and youths under 18 and over 70 is reopened.
Currently a clarification regarding the scope of the reopening for self-organizing athletes, including the reopening of swimming pools, use of badminton fields, etc., is awaited.

See more on the page called Information for associations regarding the use of sports facilities during Corona.

Music venue, theatres and cinemas, as well as other rooms where cultural activities are performed, can reopen with corona pass and up to 2000 participants in sections of 500. Conferences and meetings that are business related or which has a professional purpose is reopening with corona pass and up 1000 participants in sections of 500, where the participants will mostly be sitting down.


Copenhagen’s libraries are open for visitation so that it is possible to browse the bookshelves and book displays - with a corona pass.

It is again possible to return and pick-up reserved books at Copenhagen’s libraries without a time reservation.

The fee exemption ended on May 3rd 2021 and the fees for unreturned library books will be calculated based on the original loan and return dates.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools are open, however, please be aware that the assembly ban is at 25 people indoors, which also applies at swimming pools. This means that there might be a wait time during the opening hours to the public.
The saunas will continue to be closed.
Remember to have a valid corona pass ready at the entrance.

Read more on the current situation at the individual facility and see their opening hours at our website Vand i Byen.

Indoor sports facilities

Indoor facilities have been partially reopened:

  • Children and youths under 18: all sporting activities.
  • People between 18 and 70: sporting activites that are not contact sports.
  • People over 70: all sporting activities.

What are contact sports?

There are currently no contact sports for people between 18 and 70. The City of Copenhagen deem the following sports to be contact sports:
Basketball, Boxing, Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Dancing (in pairs), Indoor Football, Hockey, Handball, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing/Thai Boxing, Floorball, Taekwondo, Water Polo, Ice Skating (in pars) and other fight sports.

Due to the current guidelines it will not be possible to for these sports to ensure a ‘corona safe’ training for participants over 18.
This means that these sporting activities will, for the time being, not be able to use sport facilities for their activities for the age group of 18 to 70 year olds.

Culture houses

See the individual culture houses’ website for opening hours and events: there is an overview of the City of Copenhagen’s culture house here.
Restaurants, cafes, etc., which are tied to the culture houses can be open – with a corona pass and table reservation. They due not necessarily follow the culture house’s opening hours.


Thorvaldsens Museum, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Stadsarkivet and Københavns Museum are all open – with a corona pass.

The outdoor cultural institutions

Other outdoor cultural institutions also have the possibility to reopen. However, with a requirement that visitors can show documentation of a negative corona test no more than 72 hours old. You need to control the information at the individual places/institutions’ own website, and get the newest and updated information, opening hours and guidelines.

The outdoor leisure activities

The assembly ban has been raised to 75 people.

It is therefore allowed to conduct outdoor activities with up to 75 people present.
These number covers everyone – including participants, trainers, replacements, judges, spectators and accompanying parents.

For further information please visit the site for rules and opportunities for associations during COVID-19.

The unmanned facilities

The City of Copenhagen’s unmanned facilities will continue to be closed for public use.

Elite sports

The assembly ban does not apply to elite sports. And professional athletes may continue to use indoor areas for training and matches.

Football matches in the 3F Superliga and several other leagues and divisions will reopen with separate sections of no more than 500 sitting spectators with a distance of 1 meter. There is a corona pass requirement.

Manned playgrounds open 8-16

The City of Copenhagen has over 125 playground all over the city. 27 of those are manned with pedagogical personnel. Fin a playground and see the current possibilities and opening hours on their website.


You can use all unmanned restrooms across the city. The usual opening hours apply. This also includes the three restrooms at Rådhuspladsen, Nyhavn and Israels Plads, but the other manned toilets will be closed. All toilets continues to be cleaned more often.

One direction walking of the cherry blossom avenue at Bispebjerg Cemetery

The cherry blossom avenue at Bispebjerg Cemetery is open this year with one direction walking without the possibility of settling down or staying in one spot. The entrance to the one direction walking route can be found at the cemetery’s main entrance at Frederiksborgvej. We expect queues at the avenue that might stretch into the cemetery and there will therefore not be direct access to either the queue or the cherry blossom avenue from Støvnæs Allé. Find the route on this map.

One direction walking at Sortedams Sø and Peblinge Sø as well as Christianshavns Vold

Once again it will be required that everyone walks in the same direction at inner lakes: Sortedams Sø and Peblinge Sø as well as Christianshavns Vold along the path at Stadsgraven. The walking direction will be clockwise at the lakes and at Christianshavns Vold the walking direction is from Torvegade down to Langebro.

Follow along when something is reopened or shutdown

We update our sites as soon as anything new happens, but if you are looking for news about initiatives or recommendations, or if you are seeking advice, you can use the website It is the website shared by the Danish authorities with information and guidance on COVID-19.
Here you can se where regional or local initiatives apply.

Because the City of Copenhagen’s individual institutions, facilities and offers are reopening in phases, and because the reopening is adjusted continuously in order to ensure a control of the pandemic, the official and current information can be found at

Read more about how COVID-19 affects the City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen has a shared website with the offers and services, which is currently affected, or which have totally changed due to the current situation and restrictions. If you have any question concerning the City of Copenhagen then please see

Corona pass

A corona pass is documentation of the following:

  • Vaccination
  • Negative test
  • Previous infection

Remember ID

  • Publicly issued IDs (so that the name on the corona pass can be controlled)

The control of the corona pass and ID will be performed by personnel or other people tied to the locality at the first natural point of contact after arriving.

Read more about the corona pas the Danish authorities’ corona website (in Danish).

Shutdowns of different parishes

If the COVID-19 infection is too high in a certain parish, a local shutdown of the parish will take place. Amongst other things this means that all rooms where association activities are practiced will be closed. This applies to both public, private and self-owned localities.
Associations will also be encouraged to cancel outdoor activities in the parish.
The associations impacted by this will be notified.
The City of Copenhagen will continuously inform about the reopening and shutdown on the website Sogne-nedlukning (in Danish).

The City of Copenhagen are following the infection rate in the parishes closely, so that we might be able to intervene quickly with targeted communication to the affected citizens if it is necessary to closed down a particular parish – as well as with reopenings.