Culture, leisure and activities in the city

Read about how the situation affects cultural and leisure activities in Copenhagen.

Last updated July 1st at 09:35

A political majority at Christiansborg have agreed on a plan for phasing out all COVID-19 restrictions considering the stable infection situation and the continued vaccination efforts.

Phasing out the restrictions will happen gradually during the coming months and all restrictions will be phased out September 1st 2021 – with the exception of the night life and outdoor events with over 2000 participants as well as indoor events where participants will be standing, where a corona pass must be shown until October 1st 2021.

The face mask/visor requirement has now been terminated everywhere – except in public transportation.

The indoor assembly ban is currently 250 people.
The outdoor assembly ban is currently 500 people.

Other restrictions and guidelines will be phased out from June 14th 2021 and over the summer. After the phasing out, the health authorities’ recommendations will be limited to general advice concerning the prevention of infection – test and isolation when one has symptoms, venting and hygiene.

The following applies, however, please be advised that these are subject to change:

Indoor culture and leisure facilities

The indoor culture and leisure facilities have been allowed to open again. Including the ones who were not allowed to do so in the previous phases.
There will be a requirement of a corona pass.

See more on the page called Information for associations regarding the use of sports facilities during Corona.

Music venue, theatres and cinemas, as well as other rooms where cultural activities are performed, can reopen with corona pass and up to 2000 participants in sections of 500. Conferences and meetings that are business related or which has a professional purpose is reopening with corona pass and up 1000 participants in sections of 500, where the participants will mostly be sitting down.


Copenhagen’s libraries are open for visitation so that it is possible to browse the bookshelves and book displays.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools are open, however, please be aware that the assembly ban is 250 people indoors, which also applies at swimming pools.
This means that there might be a wait time during the opening hours to the public.

Read more on the current situation at the individual facility and see their opening hours at our website Vand i Byen.

Indoor sports facilities

The indoor sports facilities are now open. The indoor assembly ban is 250 people. 

Culture houses

See the individual culture houses’ website for opening hours and events: there is an overview of the City of Copenhagen’s culture house here.


Thorvaldsens Museum, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Stadsarkivet and Københavns Museum are all open.

The outdoor cultural institutions

The outdoor cultural institutions are also able to open again.
You will need to look at the individual places/institutions’ own websites for the newest information regarding opening hours and guidelines.
The same applies to amusement parks, casinos, and indoor areas in e.g. Zoos.

The outdoor leisure activities

The assembly ban has been raised to 500 people.

It is therefore allowed to conduct outdoor activities with up to 500 people present.
These number covers everyone – including participants, trainers, replacements, judges, spectators and accompanying parents.

For further information please visit the site for rules and opportunities for associations during COVID-19.

Elite sports

The assembly ban does not apply to elite sports.

The UEFA Euro 2020 games in Parken will be open to 25.000 spectators. 

Corona pass - a timeline with requirements and changes until October 1st

A corona pass is a negative test, which is a maximum of 72 hours old (however, if it is a PCR-test it can be 96 hours old per July 1st), or proof of vaccination (first vaccine after 14 days) for activities for the age group over the age of 18.

The responsibility of checking corona passes has been delegated to associations and organizers.

The requirement of a valid corona pass at association and leisure activities (except for sports) and public information offers (evening schools, etc.) was terminated on June 14th.

The requirement of a valid corona pass for indoor sports will be terminated on August 1st.

The requirement of a valid corona pass for access to music venues, cinemas, theatres, etc. where less than 500 people are present will be terminated on August 1st.

The requirement of a valid corona pass for outdoor cultural events with a sitting audience will be terminated on August 1st (if the number of participants is below 2000).

The requirement of a valid corona pass for outdoor cultural events with a standing audience will be terminated on September 1st.

The requirement of a valid corona pass for indoor cultural events with a sitting audience will be terminated on September 1st.

The requirement of a valid corona pass at venues serving food or alcohol will be terminated on September 1st.

The requirement of a valid corona pass for indoor cultural events with a standing audience and indoor events with a sitting audience of over 2000 participants will be terminated on October 1st.

Shutdowns of different parishes

If the COVID-19 infection is too high in a certain parish, a local shutdown of the parish will take place. Amongst other things this means that all rooms where association activities are practiced will be closed. This applies to both public, private and self-owned localities.
Associations will also be encouraged to cancel outdoor activities in the parish.
The associations impacted by this will be notified.
The City of Copenhagen will continuously inform about the reopening and shutdown on the website Sogne-nedlukning (in Danish).

The City of Copenhagen are following the infection rate in the parishes closely, so that we might be able to intervene quickly with targeted communication to the affected citizens if it is necessary to closed down a particular parish – as well as with reopenings.

Restart funds for the culture

Five pools of a total of 37,5 million kroners are to support the reopening of the culture and leisure life. The five pools are to support activities in the growth layer, new formats in the public sphere and restructuring as well as innovations of already existing project to outdoor versions for example. All activities must contribute to the reopening of the culture and leisure life after the COVID-19 shutdown.
Applicants for the pools will be processed in the order they are received, and the application process will be closed ones all the funds have been distributed.
Read more about the pools here (in Danish).