City of Cyclists

Bicycles make out a huge portion of Copenhagen's visual appearance and play a vital role in Copenhagener's everyday lives.

In Copenhagen the bicycle is used for all means: for getting to work or school, going out for a night on the town, transporting goods, bringing children to kindergarten or going for a Sunday ride. Copenhageners love their bikes and for a lot people life without it would be difficult.

The never-ending flow of Copenhageners on bicycles crisscrossing the city has been forty years in the making. In the 1960s, this city was just as car-clogged as anywhere else. Visionary decisions were made and the result can be seen all around you. The vast network of safe, segregated bike lanes crisscrossing the city has encouraged us to choose the bicycle. As good as all people have access to a bicycle. In fact: We don’t have cyclists in Copenhagen; we merely have people who happen to ride their bicycles.