Childminding guarantee

If your child is unable to obtain a childcare offer when needed, you can register your child's name on a guarantee list.

You can choose to register your child on a guarantee list and receive a place in nursery or municipal day care within 2 months.  

If you arrive in Copenhagen with a child over 3 years old, the childminding guarantee automatically applies. Your child is guaranteed a place in kindergarten located a maximum of 4 kilometres from your residence within 3 months after your address is registered with the public registration office (Folkeregister).

Register your child on a guarantee list

Your child can remain on a specific waiting list and a guarantee list at the same time. If you have signed your child up on the waiting list of two specific day care facilities, you must replace one of them with a registration on the guarantee list.

If your child is being taken care of in a private childcare arrangement, the child can be placed on a guarantee list. To register your child on a guarantee list or to get more details, please contact the Placement Service (Pladsanvisningen) using the information in the contact box below.

If you accept a guaranteed place

If your child is offered a place from the guarantee list and you agree to take the offer, your child will continue to remain on the specific waiting list.

If you decline a guaranteed place

If you decline a place from the guarantee list, your child will be removed from the list. However, your child will remain on the specific waiting list and is eligible to be placed on a new specific waiting list.