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Can I work while receiving SU?

You are allowed to work while you receive SU, but there is a maximum limit for how much you can earn when you receive SU.


If you have applied for equal status with Danish citizens because you are working in Denmark, you must be aware of the following condition:

While you are studying, you must remain employed for a minimum of 10-12 hours a week. If not, your SU will be stopped, and in some cases you will be required to pay it back.

Maximum limit

When you receive SU, you have a ’fribeløb’, a maximum limit of how much you are allowed to earn when you receive SU. If you earn more, you have to pay some of your SU back and that can be more expensive for you than just stopping your SU for a couple of months.

Find information about whether you can get SU here and under Economy for students.

The maximum limit ('fribeløbet’) is at least DKK 7.428 per month. The amount varies; depending on which maximum limit you are entitled to. That means, that you can’t earn more than at least 7.428 pr months if you don’t want your SU to be increased.

You can find SU-styrelsen on Twitter. They give customer service on Twitter, so you can write a question and get an answer. They also give advice in English. The user name is minSU_dk. 

Here you can find out who you can contact about SU if you find your education institution (in Danish).