Can I get sick leave when my child is sick?

Whether you can get sick leave when your child is sick depends on your contract.

Acute illness

You have the right to take time off from work if your child becomes acutely ill or is injured. But you are only entitled to getting paid leave if this is part of your collective agreement or contract.

Most collective agreements have conditions about taking time off on the child’s first sick day. See What is 'the child's first sick day'?

Serious illness

If your child gets seriously ill, and you have to stop working to look after it, you might be entitled to paid leave. This right depends on whether it is a disease where the child has to go to hospital or needs a similar treatment.

It is a good idea to talk to your employer and your trade union. Your employer and your trade union can tell you if your collective agreement gives you the right to paid leave so you can look after your child.

Please note, that your trade union is always handling your interests while your employer might think more about the interest of the company.

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