Can I get legal aid?

In Copenhagen you can get legal aid free of charge from Københavns Retshjælp (Copenhagen Legal Aid).

As a resident in Denmark, you are entitled to legal aid from Københavns Retshjælp. Københavns Retshjælp can assist you in almost any kind of case.

However, to be eligible for help, your income may not exceed a certain limit.

Income requirement

In order to get help from Københavns Retshjælp, your personal income must not exceed DKK 308,000 a year if you are single.

If you are married or living with a partner, your joint income must not exceed DKK 391,000 a year.

There are more requirements if you have children or if the dispute is between you and your partner. Read more about who Københavns Retshjælp can help at their website.

What can Københavns Retshjælp help you with

Københavns Retshjælp can help you in most cases. Here you can see examples of what they can help with:

  • Tenancy agreements
  • Contracts/conditions of employment and holiday pay
  • Social security cases and appeal of decisions made by public authorities
  • Residency permits
  • Consumer law
  • Hire purchase agreements, contracts, debt obligations and debt rescheduling
  • Law of torts and insurance
  • Cohabitation (non-marital relationship)
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements
  • Legal separation, divorce and division of property
  • Maintenance (alimony)
  • Child custody and access (visitation rights)
  • Wills, administration and inheritance

Københavns Retshjælp is not only for residents of the City of Copenhagen. If you live far away, you can contact Københavns Retshjælp over the phone.

Read more on the Københavns Retshjælp website in English.


Advokatvagten is a place where you can talk to a lawyer or an assistant attorney and receive legal verbal advice for free.

If you earn too much to be entitled to help from Københavns Retshjælp, you can contact Advokatvagten for advice.

You can find information and see which Advokatvagt is closest to you at the Advokatvagten website (in Danish).