Can I camp around Copenhagen?

There are several places you can camp close to Copenhagen.

It is not allowed to pitch a tent in the parks and green areas of Copenhagen, but you can pitch you tent in woods close to Copenhagen, for example in Grønholt Vang in Hillerød.

You can catch a S-train from Copenhagen to Hillerød.

In and around Copenhagen you are only allowed to camp in designated areas. There are several camp shelters and campsites that you can use free of charge.

Here you can also have a campfire at the fireplace. Generally you cannot book a camp shelter, so you might have to share with others.

At the website of Naturstyrelsen (The Danish Nature Agency) you can see where you can camp and where you can book a campsite. The page is in Danish. 

On the website you can plan outdoor experiences in all of Denmark, also in the Copenhagen area. The page is in Danish, but you can find outdoor experiences on a map

The website of Naturstyrelsen in English

Shelters and camping

At Kalvebod fælled you will find a large green area, and here are camp shelters where you can sleep. If you are a group of more than 10 people, you have to book the camp shelters.

You can also find places to stay overnight in the wood Pinseskoven.

There is also a camping site in Bellahøj, where you can sleep for a fee.