Can everybody use folkekirken (the state church)?

Everybody is welcome to come to services in folkekirken. Everybody can also participate in church communities and take part in activities.

Folkekirken is open to all, and you can participate in the many church events and activities, such as concerts, church choirs, study groups, evening lectures, hymn singing with babies, “spaghetti services” (services for the whole family with dinner afterwards), rock services and much more.

Many churches are open all across Denmark, too. They are called road churches. There are road signs pointing to them (in Danish vejkirke). You can always walk in there, look around and have a sit down.

Member of folkekirken

If you are baptised in Denmark, you automatically become a member of the Church. You remain a member until you actively opt out.

You have certain rights as a member, for example the right to be confirmed, to get married in the church and to be buried or interred from the church. All this is then free of charge.

When you are a member of folkekirken, you pay a church tax. This may be regarded as a membership fee.

The church tax goes to the churches' events, maintenance of churches and church related buildings, social work, the pastors' and church employees' wages and the running of the churches.

The church tax is just under 0,8 percent of taxable income in the City of Copenhagen. About 78 percent of the Danes are members of folkekirken and pay the church tax.

How to become a member

You can become a member of the Danish folkekirke straight away if you have been baptised in a Christian church abroad.

If you are not baptised, you must be baptised in the Danish folkekirke in order to become a member.

Learn more about the Danish folkekirke at their English website

Read more if you would like to become a member of folkekirken.

Besides folkekirken which is Lutheran Protestant, there are a number of other religious communities in Denmark. There are other Christian as well as non-Christian churches. Read more about them at Which religions other than Christianity are present in Denmark?

The Churches' Integration Ministry

If you come to Denmark from abroad and if you would like to get into contact with the Danish folkekirke, you can visit the Churches' Integration Ministry (Kirkernes Integrationstjeneste)