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Camping around Copenhagen

There are several places you can camp close to Copenhagen.

You are only allowed to camp in designated areas in Copenhagen. This means that you are not allowed to stay overnight in your vehicle or caravan, just as you are not allowed to pitch a tent in parks and green areas. You must find a camping site, a camping ground or a shelter to stay overnight.

Camping sites around Copenhagen

Many camping sites are close to the city and offer a variety of facilities.

You can search for camping sites at Visit Copenhagen or

Shelters, campgrounds and outdoor accommodation

There are several shelters and camping grounds you can use free of charge. You can also pitch your tent in forests close to Copenhagen. Generally, you cannot book a camp shelter, so you might have to share it with others.

Go to the Danish Nature Agency for information about sleeping in the nature. 

Find a shelter or forest where you can stay overnight on their map.