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How do I buy property in Copenhagen?

There are some restrictions for buying property in Denmark, and you need to decide, which type of home you wish to buy.

Contact a real estate agent

If you wish to buy property in Copenhagen, it is first of all a good idea to contact a local estate agent who knows the market and who can help meet your requirement and wishes.

Requirements for non-Danish citizens

However, there are certain requirements for non-Danish citizens when it comes to buying property:

Unless you have lived in Denmark for a period of at least 5 years, you must obtain permission from the Danish Ministry of Justice (Justitsministeriet) to buy property. However, this restriction does not apply if you are an EU-citizen, and if the property is to be used as a permanent residence.

This also applies to citizens from countries that are included in the European Economic Cooperation (EEA). Go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's website to see the regulations. 

In any case it is a good idea to contact The Ministry of Justice if you wish to buy property. 

Type of property

When you are ready for buying property, you need to decide which type of property you wish to buy. The different options are listed and explained below:

  • House (detached or terraced)
    Typically, houses are very expensive in Copenhagen, and they are often located a bit away from the city centre. The further away you get from Copenhagen, the cheaper the houses are.
  • Owner-occupied apartment
    When you buy an owner-occupied apartment, you own it once you have paid off the mortgage, and you can take out home equity loans.
  • Co-operative apartment
    Co-operative housing is based on the idea that everyone in the cooperative has bought a small part of the whole association. Therefore you share the expenses, but you cannot take out loans in your apartment. Co-operative housing used to be cheaper than owner-occupied apartments, but today they can be more expensive.

More information

Find more information on regulations relevant to property owners at Housing.