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Ayad Kadhim Abbas

Helps English or Arabic-speaking entrepreneurs, links between ethnic entrepreneurs and Copenhagen municipality.
  • Ayad Kadhim Abbas

You can contact Ayad if you:

  • are starting or considering starting business and need to get control of the first hard years
  • are established and need sparring to grow your business
  • would like to understand the rules and regulations for companies in Denmark.
  • If you want advice and guidance in Arabic.

Ayad's primary focus is on providing advice to ethnic entrepreneurs, to which Ayad, among other things, speaks fluent Arabic. For new entrepreneurs, much of Ayad's advice is focused on making sure that you get a solid plan for the first steps and an economy that can collapse. Ayad also advises many established ethnic groups.

A large part of Ayad's advice also serves as a link to the rest of Copenhagen Municipality. You can therefore only contact one location to obtain the necessary tools, permits, application forms and funding at the City of Copenhagen.

For established entrepreneurs, Ayad often prioritises that counselling takes place at your business address in order to better understand your situation. When you meet Ayad, you get a better knowledge of the Danish public system and rules as well as a concrete understanding of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

Ayad also offers advice to people who are thinking of starting a business. You can draw on Ayad's many years of personal experience as an independent trader in addition to the large network he has established through his 12 years of experience with ethnic entrepreneurship advice.

Contact for personal advice:
Tel: 21 23 47 86