Avoid waiting in Citizen Service - book an appointment

If you make an appointment with Citizen Service before showing up, you can avoid waiting.

Make an appointment if you need to order a new NemID, are moving, swap your driving licence or other situations.

How to book an appointment

Note that the online application is in Danish for the moment

  1. Go to http://kbh.smartqueue.dk/
  2. Choose the topic you need assistance with (2 steps)
  3. Enter your (Danish) mobile phone number - click "Send kode"
  4. You will receive a sms code
  5. Enter the code – click “Næste”
  6. You will see a list of dates and Citizens service centers you can choose from
  7. Click on the center you want, and choose one of the available appointments
  8. You will get a confirmation on the screen and as sms
  9. When you arrive at the service center you must confirm your reservation with your mobile number on the screens

If you don’t have a Danish mobile number

You can also make an appointment using your birth date adding two zeros in front (00DDMMYY) in BOTH input fields.

You use the same number when you arrive at the service center.

Book online

Book an appointment with Citizen Service

Cancel or change an appointment

If you need help making an appointment you can call Citizen service, and they will guide you.