Are there any student jobs with the universities?

There are various student jobs at the universities, but these jobs are in great demand.

Your university knows, which options there are, so they are the ones to contact. See a list of universities at Which programmes do the universities have?

Here you can see a list of potential jobs, you can have as a student on the universities:

  • Instructor
    An instructor teaches parts of a subject or a whole subject. It will typically be a graduate student.
  • Research assistant
    Here you will be helping a researcher with the research. You will have to be a student of the field that the researcher is working in.
  • Tutor
    In some places tutors are paid for tutoring. A tutor is an older student who helps the new students get a good start at the university. This often involves an introductory presentation, a field trip and advice. However, this is often voluntary work.
  • Student cafés
    Most subjects have student cafés. Volunteers run many, but some places have paid staff.
  • Copying department
    Many universities have a copying and printing department where they employ a student.
  • Library assistant
    The university libraries also have students working putting books on the shelves, etc. However, you probably need to be able to speak Danish to get a job there.