Am I entitled to dental care?

When you are 18 years or above you will have to pay for the greater part of your dental treatment.

As a citizen in Copenhagen you pay for approximately 60 pct of your dental appointments and treatments.

The state subsidy (approximately 40 percent) has already been deducted when you receive your bill from the dentist.

If you want a cheaper dental treatment

If you need a check or a smaller treatment you can got to the Department of Odontology - School of Dentistry. At the school the dental treatment is carried out by students under supervision. The treatment usually takes longer time than at a regular dentist and is scheduled in office hours.

You can get more information about the treatment at Copenhagen School of Dentristry here and find Copenhagen School of Dentristry here

You can also get a private insurance, which can also cover some of your dental costs.

Emergency Dental Service (Tandlægevagt)

Should you be in need of dental services outside opening hours (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.), a list of emergency dental services is available at The Danish Dentist Association website. (The site is in Danish.

Press ‘find din tandlægevagt’ at the right to find an emergency dental service).