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1-day information meeting

Learn about the Danish labour market, how you can be of value as a accompanying spouse and much more on this 1-day information meeting.

For many foreigners, the barrier between them and a good job is that they don't have the basic knowledge of how to approach the Danish labor market, and they often lack an awareness of their value in the Danish labor market. Business House Copenhagen offers a free of charge 1-day information meeting in English, where you will receive information about the different services you can benefit from as an accompanying spouse.

You will get information about measures promoting employment, entrepreneurship guidance, leisure guiding etc.

Furthermore, we will inform you about unions and unemployment funds, how to get your foreign qualifications assessed, volunteer opportunities and more.


  • Leisure Guide
  • Volunteers opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship/Starting up your own business (only for residents in Copenhagen)
  • Recognition of international qualifications
  • Career and Cultural Hosts
  • Information about Internship and salary subsidy