Sustainable City Initiatives

Copenhagen’s goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2025 is clearly connected with a strong focus on growth, employment and quality of life.

Copenhagen will particularly focus on the development of industrial clusters, i.e. existing commercial areas that have a competitive advantage. This will be done by strengthening dialogue with the business community, and by building partnerships with both commercial and knowledge institutions. The City of Copenhagen’s primary focus is on the Cleantech, Healthtech and the Creative clusters.

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The City of Copenhagen’s Function in CLEAN

CLEAN seeks to create an attractive platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration between Danish and international companies, knowledge institutions, organisations and authorities. These collaborations aim to promote growth and employment, support entrepreneurs and growth in SMEs, and to increase international awareness of Danish competencies and possibilities within the Cleantech area. As a core member of CLEAN, the City of Copenhagen actively participates in:  

  • identifying concrete green challenges for CLEAN to solve
  • participating in specific projects and innovation platforms, and  
  • supporting various efforts in financing (e.g. EU, market maturation, growth forum , etc.).

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The City of Copenhagen’s Function in Healthtech

Copenhagen is a member of the steering committee and will co-finance the cluster with DKK 1.8 mil  in 2015/16. Copenhagen is involved within four different areas of the Healthtech cluster:

Intelligent public demand / scaling, e.g. Copenhagen assembles the municipalities and the region in public procurement

Collaboration on tangible innovation projects

Examination and testing, e.g. Living Lab Rehab, packages for test opportunities, etc.  

Internationalisation, i.e. selling “Copenhagen Solutions” to strategically selected partners abroad, e.g. Beijing

The City of Copenhagen’s Function in the Creative Cluster

Copenhagen aims to be an international centre for creative clusters where international companies are located. Thus Copenhagen actively:

  • supports a series of events, e.g. Copenhagen Cooking, Copenhagen Fashion week etc.,  
  • pursues strategic public procurement in the creative sector, and
  • engages in selected public-private partnerships with a focus on  innovation.