Is the work environment my responsibility as an employer?

When you are starting a business in Denmark you need to follow the Danish working environment rules.

The Danish Working Authority (WEA) has a priority focus on 3 key areas within working environment:

  • Preventing accidents.
  • Preventing muscle and skeleton problems.
  • Psychological working environment.

Inspections at the workplace

The rules on working environment are administered by the WEA through inspections on the workplace.

When the WEA visits you for an inspection, they will check weather your health and safety conditions are in compliance with the working environment regulation.

Prepare for inspection

As a general rule, inspections will be carried out unannounced. When your company is inspected, you will need to have at least the following documents ready:

  • Health and safety risk assessment (in Danish it is called an ‘APV’).
  • A written company policy on smoking in the work place incl. company cars.
  • Relevant instructions for use of machines and dangerous substances.

Special rules

In certain sectors, special sector rules may apply. For instance, the construction sector has a special set of rules relating to working environment. You should contact the WEA or the relevant employers’ organisation for information on rules for your sector.

You can find more information at WEA's check list at WEA's website.

The sanctions

If the working environment does not meet the rules, WEA can give you 3 different kinds of sancitions:

  • You can be told to make changes to the working environment at the workplace immediately or within a time limit.
  • The WEA can close down your workplace if the working environment conditions are very dangerous.
  • The WEA can give you a fine.
  • If you do not comply the WEA will ask the police to initiate criminal charges against you.