Which approvals do I need to start importing/exporting?

In order to work with import/export, your business must be registered as importer and exporter.

In order to export and import goods from countries outside the EU, the company must first be registered as an exporter/importer, and be registered for VAT. The registration as an importer is done at www.virk.dk (in Danish).

You register your business here by logging on with your NemID.

EORI number

When registering the business is automatically allocated an EORI number for use in customs operations.

Custom duties

Import duties must be paid on goods imported from countries outside the EU. To find out the custom duty for a specific product, you need to know the product code number.

If you have other questions, you can contact SKAT.

If you work with dutiable goods

If your business imports dutiable goods, the business must be registered with Erhvervsstyrelsen. In addition, the company must pay respectively excise duty, environmental tax or energy tax. For more information on excise duties in Denmark see the list from PWC below.

If you have questions regarding product requirements or requirements for the sale of services in other EU countries, please Indre Markeds Center (in Danish) on phone +45 35 29 15 15. They will answer your questions free of charge.

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