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Where should I look to find housing in Copenhagen?

You can find a place to live in Copenhagen through your personal network or through housing portals.

The City of Copenhagen can unfortunately not help you in your search for a home besides the inspiration, you find here.


Many people find a place to live through networking, so it can be a good idea to get your old or new contacts in Denmark to help you looking for housing through their networks in Copenhagen.

Housing portals

There are also different housing portals on the Internet. At several of these you pay a subscription, so you have to be a member in order to get access to see available homes on the Internet.

The pages, where you pay for membership, are often the most useful ones. You can read more about general prices and how to search for a home in this fact sheet from International House of Copenhagen.

Buying property

If you wish to buy a house or an apartment in Copenhagen, you need to contact an estate agent in the Copenhagen area. You can read more about the regulations for buying property at How do I buy property in Copenhagen?

Housing for students

There are homes specifically for students; halls of residence and student accommodation, they are located all over Copenhagen. These you can find at the housing portals or at the place you study. You can find more information about housing for students at Study in Denmark

When you arrive

When you first arrive, there are several ways of finding a place to stay, for example youth hostels and hotels. These offers are only for short term, and you cannot register for CPR number at a hostel or the like. You can find more information in this fact sheet. 

It is important to know that you need to have a permanent home to be able to get a CPR number. The CPR number is your registration as a resident in Denmark.

Here you can see how you get a CPR number when you have an address at How do I get a CPR nummer?