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Where should I live in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is made up of different districts that vary when it comes to price level, atmosphere and distance to the city centre.

It can be difficult to find a place to live in Copenhagen. In most districts of Copenhagen, you live in apartments, which can be either owner-occupied apartments, co-operative apartments or rented apartments.

Typically most people who come to Copenhagen from abroad will start out living in a rented apartment, as owner-occupied apartments and co-operative apartments is property you buy.

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In some districts you can find houses for rent, but they are often expensive, unless they are located in the outskirts of Copenhagen. It is also possible to rent a single room, which can be either furnished or unfurnished.

Some districts are more expensive than others; you find the most expensive apartments in the city centre, at Christianshavn, at Vesterbro, and at Østerbro. However, you can be lucky to find cheap apartments in these districts.

It can be cheaper to find a place to live in the districts outside Copenhagen, but be aware that you loose access to services that are only available to the citizens of the City of Copenhagen if you do not live in the City of Copenhagen.

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The different districts of Copenhagen 

Here you can find information about the different districts in Copenhagen.