What should I know about safety when starting a business?

When you start up a business in Denmark, it is your responsibility that your business complies with the Danish safety requirements.

In the ‘Who is who’ video, the Danish Business Authority explains how the system works and who is in charge of checking safety in Danish businesses, among other things.


It is important that you know about the compulsory insurances so that your employees are correctly covered.

Industrial injury insurance

As an employer, it is your obligation to take out an industrial injury insurance on work that is being carried out for you. This applies whether the work is paid or unpaid, permanent or temporary.

An industrial injury insurance ensures that employees, who are injured at work, or their surviving relatives, can get compensation and damages.

The Labour Market Occupational Diseases Fund (Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssygdomssikring - AES)

As an employer, you have to pay AES for the employees for whom you are already paying ATP. You will be registered automatically.

What does AES cover?

AES ensures that employees, who get an occupational disease, or their surviving relatives, can get compensation and damages.

An occupational disease is an illness that lasts for a long while and which is a consequence of the work or of the working conditions under which the person has been working.

Reporting an occupational disease          

As an employer, you are not responsible for reporting the disease. But your employee's own doctor is.

In order to ensure that your business is covered correctly, or if you have any questions concerning the safety of your business, please do not hesitate to contact the Danish Business Authority.