What kinds of Danish classes can I join?

You can take both public and private courses. The public courses are free of charge and are arranged in collaboration with the Municipality.

Free public courses

There are 2 different types of Danish classes: 'Labour market-related Danish lessons' (Introdansk) and 'Danish language training programme' (Danskuddannelse).

People who came through family reunification and refugees receive an offer of Ordinary Danish Education (Danish Education 1, 2 and 3 divided into modules) and they have 5 years to complete the Danish education.


An introductory course for employees, students, accompanying spouses, and au pairs. Introdansk include a maximum of 250 hours of teaching divided into 5 parts of 50 hours each.


A broader education for refugees and people from countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland who have entered Denmark on the grounds of family reunification.

You can participate in the Danskuddannelse once you have completed Introdansk. You can read more about the structure at What are my rights to free Danish lessons?

Private courses

In Copenhagen you can find some private Danish courses as well. You have to pay for private courses yourself. You can find the private courses online.