What If I am prevented from participating in danish lessons and need an extension?

It is only under some special conditions you can get a prolongation of the period with free Danish classes.

Rights when pregnant or ill

You have the right to extend your period with free classes if you meet certain criteria. You apply for extending the period with Jobcenter Integration.

Pregnancy or adoption

If you are unable to participate in the 'labour market-related Danish classes' (Introdansk) due to maternity/paternity or adoption, you may apply for an extra 50 hours of lessons and an extension of the period.

You need to submit your application to Jobcenter Integration.


You can apply for an extension of your Danish education if you get into a situation where you are prevented from attending the classes due to, e.g.

  • Your own illness.
  • Serious illness in your family.
  • Pregnancy, parental leave or adoption.
  • Work commitmants together with other circumstainces.


The fact that you are in employment is normally not sufficient to get the period of your 'Danish language training programme' (Danskuddannelse) ex­tended. In most cases you will have an opportunity to attend the course outside your working hours.

Danish courses are offered both during the day and during the evening. 

However, you can get the period of Danskuddannelse extended, if you are working at least 30 hours per week, and your work and your cir­cumstances as a whole mean that you cannot make use of the offer of Danskuddannelse.