What do I need to buy a mobile phone contract?

You must as a minimum have a CPR number if you wish to get a contract with most telephone companies.

There are many different telephone companies in Denmark and most have shops in Copenhagen, where you can go in and ask questions about telephones and contracts. Most companies require that you have a CPR number in order to get a telephone contract.

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Some companies also require that you are a resident in Denmark. Go to How do I apply for a residence permit?

If you buy the actual telephone over the Internet, you have to have a NemID and a Dankort or a Visa card. At some places you also have to be a Danish citizen to buy a telephone over the Internet.

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You can also buy a telephone with a prepaid card; in this way you do not need a contract. There are normally no requirements for buying this type of telephone.

It is best to ask the telephone companies directly as the requirements vary.