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What are recycling stations (genbrugsstationer)?

Recycling stations are places where you can discard different types of sorted waste.

Recycling stations (genbrugsstationer)

At the recycling stations you can discard waste that is not collected with the bulky waste collection such as construction and demolision waste. You cannot discard residual waste at the recycling stations.

The recycling stations are staffed, so there is always somebody there you can ask where to put your waste.

As a citizen you have already paid for the use of recycling stations when you pay for refuse collection, and you can use both the recycling stations in the municipality and the ones in other municipalities around Copenhagen.

The municipality operates the recycling stations, and there are several of them in Copenhagen. On this map you can see where you can find your nearest recycling station (in Danish)

At the City of Copenhagen's website you can find a map of both glass containers and recycling stations (in Danish).

Collection points (nærgenbrugsstationer)

Collection points do not receive so many different types of waste as the recycling stations, and you cannot get access with your car.

You can find addresses and opening hours, sorting instructions etc. at the Amager Ressource center website (in Danish).

Swapping and reuse (byttecentre)

If your waste is too good to be thrown out, or if you want to see if there is any discarded stuff that you can use yourself, you can use the trade centres that are located at all recycling centres and collection points – except from Vasbygade Genbrugsstation.

You can also hand in useful items to the recycling shops around Copenhagen.