How is the networking culture in Denmark?

There is a good networking culture in Denmark. When you run a business in Copenhagen networking can be very useful.

Even though the Danes have a reputation for being reserved with strangers, they are good at professional networking. Many books are published on networking as a business strategy, and many professional events are called 'network meetings'.

Networking is used both internally in companies to share knowledge and by small businesses as a means to getting customers.

LinkedIn is a social network on the Internet that is used a lot in the business world.

There are also many entrepreneurial networks both online and with the trade unions.

Organisation of networks

There are both organized business networks and more loose networks in Denmark and Copenhagen.

You can for example contact International House or Business House Copenhagen for more information. You can also read more about the help you can get as entrepreneur in Starting a business in Copenhagen. Here you can also read more about Business House Copenhagen.


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