How do non-Danish speaking children start in school?

Non-Danish speaking children gets an introduction to the Danish language and school system by starting in a reception class.

Non-Danish speaking children aged from 5 to 16 years who come to Copenhagen with their family start their schooling in a reception class. The aim of the reception class is to give the pupil an introduction to the Danish language and the Danish school system. 

Education takes place in age divided classes 

  • M-0 classes for children from 5-7 years
  • M-I classes for children from 7-9 years 
  • M-II classes for children from 9-13 years 
  • M-III classes for children from 13-16 years 
  • M-Alfa classes for children over 9 years with no schooling from their home country 

The individual pupil’s skills will regularly be reviewed to ensure that the pupil is transferred to his or her local school as soon as he/she is ready. 

Schooling in a reception class usually takes up to maximum 2 years. Pupils in M-alfa classes and children over 14 years on arrival are excepted. After the reception class the child starts school in his/her local school. 


 The child belongs to a specific district school according to his or her address and enrollment to the reception class takes place in this school. 

Enroll your child here. (These pages are in Danish)

If you enter your address in the search engine both the district school and the after school centre will appear. Call the district school and set up a meeting. The school will book an enterpreter if that is needed.