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How do I order a Health Insurance Card (the yellow card)?

Your yellow Health Insurance Card (sundhedskort or the yellow card) entitles you to treatment in Denmark.

Why do I need a Health Insurance Card?

You will need the Health Insurance Card as proof of identity at your doctor’s, at libraries and in many other contexts. We therefore recommend that you always carry your yellow Health Insurance Card with you.

If you lose your card you must order and pay for a new one.
You can order a Health Insurance Card at:

Copenhagen Citizen Service Centres (This link brings you to the Danish website and a list of Citizen Service Centres (Borgerservice)).

Order it online

If you have a NemID you can also order a new Health Insurance Card online (the website is in Danish).

Please note that you can change language to English or German in the self-service solution after NemID-login.

To order your card you need a:

Within 4 weeks after you have registered, your yellow national health card arrives.

How do I receive my card?

Your insurance card will be sent to your Danish address. The card will show your name and address, your CPR number and the name and address of your doctor.

It is important that you put your name on the mailbox or state your landlords name when you register. Otherwise you risk not receiving your card.

You can get a new Health Insurance Card free of charge, if:

  • it is your first Health Insurance Card.
  • you move to a new address.
  • you change your name in connection with your wedding. You get the card automatically in the mail after the change is registered.
  • your doctor closes down or moves to a new address.
  • our doctor passes on his/her practice to another doctor.
  • The magnetic stripe on your health insurance card does not work and you have kept and used your card correctly. 

Your Health Insurance Card is valid for as long as you are resident in Denmark and you do not change the information printed on the card.

How fast you get your card?

You will receive your Health Insurance Card in the mail within 4 weeks after Folkeregisteret (the Public Registration Office) has registered your payment. 

The yellow Health Insurance Card (sundhedskort) covers treatment in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

If you are going to travel in a different country within the EU or EFTA you should order the blue EU Health Insurance Card.