How do I get a telephone?

You buy you telephone at a telephone company or in an electronics shop.

There are two types of telephones in Denmark: Landline telephones and mobile telephones.

Landline telephone

A landline phone is a phone that is located in your home. It is connected to a telephone socket found in all homes. You have to buy both the telephone and the contract yourself.

Many Internet service providers and telephone companies can connect your landline, and you can buy a landline telephone in most large electronics shops.

Mobile telephone

It is most common to buy a mobile telephone at a telephone company, as you then can get a contract at the same time.

Most telephone companies have shops around Copenhagen, and it can be a good idea to contact them and ask which services and prices they can offer.

It is also possible to buy a telephone with a prepaid card, in this way you do not need a contract.

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