How do I get rid of bulky waste?

Bulky waste is waste that is too big for the container.

Construction and demolition waste is not defined as bulky waste.

Block of flats

If you live in a flat, bulky waste should be discarded in a designated room or place for bulky waste. if there is no such place in your building, you have to store it until collection day.

Detached or terraced house

Four times a year bulky waste is collected from detached and terraced houses. Bulky waste should be placed by the side of the road, at the kerbside.


You can see when bulky waste is collected at Nem Affaldservice when you type in your address (in Danish).

If you do not wish to wait for the bulky waste collection, you can always take your bulky waste to the recycling station yourself.

Find the closest recycling station at the City of Copenhagen's website.

See also What are recycling stations (genbrugsstationer)?