How do I get online in Copenhagen?

You can get access to the Internet in your home, or you can visit the libraries, Internet cafes or regular cafes in Copenhagen.

Internet at home

If you want access to the Internet at home, you must contact a service provider. Some homes already have Internet access, so check this before you order Internet.

There are many Internet service providers, so you have to find one that suits your needs. Typically you have to pay a setup fee and a monthly charge.

For information about Internet prices go to How much does it cost to get TV and Internet? 

When you buy Internet connection from a service provider, they will send you a box that you have to put up in your home. It will often be possible to have wireless Internet. Ask the service provider about their options.

Public Internet access

See more about where you can go to get public Wi-Fi and Internet at Where can I access public Wi-Fi?