How do I get a bicycle?

You have several possibilities if you wish to get a bicycle in Copenhagen. You can either buy or rent a bicycle.

If you want to buy a bicycle

Copenhagen is full of bicycle repair shops and bicycle dealers, who sell both new and second hand bicycles, which can be rather cheap. You can buy a new bicycle for between DKK 2000 and 5000. Several of the major supermarkets also sell bicycles.

A second hand bicycles from a bicycle dealer typically costs between DKK 500 and 1500.

Bycyklen (city bicycles) in Copenhagen

Bycyklen is the new Copenhagen city bicycle system. The bicycles are fitted with an electric motor and GPS making it easy and comfortable to find your way around town. You can rent Bycyklen on an hourly or a monthly basis.

You will find a map of the locations of the Bycyklen, and more information, at Bycyklen's webpage.

You can read more about the Bycyklen under Transportation. For information about how to use Bycyklen, go to How do I use the Bycyklen (the public bicycle share system)?

If you want to borrow or rent a bicycle

There are many bicycle rentals in Copenhagen. You can find them on the Internet. Several bicycle dealers also rent out bicycles. You can rent a bicycle at several of the hotels in Copenhagen, too.

If you need a carrier bicycle for transporting things, you can borrow one for free. Some Lokaludvalg (local committees) lend out carrier bicycles for shorter periods of time.

You can see a list of places where you can borrow a carrier bicycle within the City of Copenhagen below.