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How do I change my doctor?

You are automatically assigned a doctor. It is easy to change your doctor online.

You can change your doctor online, and and it requires a NemID. The service is in Danish, but it should still be possible to complete it.

A list of general practice doctors (GPs)

Online you will find a  list of GPs in the Copenhagen area (choose 'Almen læger').

Price and time

There is a fee of DKK 195 for changing doctors (2017). After approx. two weeks you will receive a new Health Insurance Card in the mail with the name of your new doctor.

If you have problems changing doctors online, you can get help at the citizen service centres.

Changing doctors without a NemID

If you do not have a NemID, you can:

Transfer the money to account 0216 4069177506 (Danske Bank). You can pay using online banking. In the message field you must remember to enter your CPR-number, the identification code or name and address of the doctor plus the word 'lægeskift' or ‘laegeskift’.