How is Copenhagen structured geographically?

The City of Copenhagen does not make up the whole of Copenhagen. The City has several very different districts.

Copenhagen consists of several municipalities, and the Municipality of Copenhagen is made up by the following districts:

  • City Centre and Christianshavn
  • Nørrebro
  • Østerbro
  • Vesterbro and Kongens Enghave
  • Amager West
  • Amager East
  • Valby
  • Vanløse
  • Brønshøj and Husum
  • Bispebjerg

See a description of the districts at Where should I live in Copenhagen?

The district Frederiksberg is located in the middle of Copenhagen, and it is a separate municipality. Visit the Municipality of Frederiksberg's website.

Districts like Lyngby, Kastrup, Hvidovre are not a part of the Municipality of Copenhagen, but it might be easier to find a place to live in these districts, as they are not so close to the city centre. Be aware that if you live in another municipality, you cannot use the services of The City of Copenhagen.

Unfortunately, the Municipality of Copenhagen cannot help you with you search for a place to live, but we hope that you have found inspiration here.