Media licence (licens) is a type of media tax that anyone in Denmark, who has a television or any device with Internet access, has to pay.
The price for TV signal and Internet connection depends on your service provider and on where you live.
The many libraries and cultural centres in Copenhagen have free Wi-Fi. Or you can get free Wi-Fi in many cafes around Copenhagen.
There are several ways of finding a home in Copenhagen. However The City of Copenhagen cannot help you with your search for a place to live.
There are a number of housing portals in Denmark.
You automatically get electricity and gas, which you pay once a year. If you do not choose otherwise, you will have Dong as supplier.
You will normally have water and heating supply when you move in.
The area of Frederiksberg is a separate municipality, the City of Frederiksberg.
You can meet the Danes by participating in different courses, classes and activities.